STATS N SCORE offers 3 core functions.

Used together they bring the whole power of professional stats to your GAMES.

Combined with additional features you bring professional overlays and more to your LIVE GAMES.

Around LIVE GAMES you have full season and data management.


Get real-time stats with the easy play by play interface


The HEART of STATS N SCORE is the play by play interface.

You save the game action LIVE and use it instantly for further analysis.

You can use the play by play interface after the game to save the stats ...
but the main power of STATS N SCORE is the instant availability of stats during your LIVE production.


Easy scoreboard interface combined with play by play data


A Scoreboard is essential for a LIVE game.

You have an easy interface for all scoreboard actions.

You can control the Scoreboard independently during the game,
but you can also use the play by play data to show the action.

This makes the Scoreboard control easy.

Now you have your score, down&distance, posession etc. automatically from your live data.


Professional overlays with many different layouts


Use OVERLAYS for your LIVE production.

You can choose between different layouts.

There are multiple OVERLAYS available, you choose on your LIVE workflow.

The main OVERLAY is the Scoreboard.

Additionally we have single player stats and overall TEAM STATS.

Get your live stats during the game and show them instantly.

Matched to your layout, different styles of PLAYER and TEAM STATS can be used.

And we have comparison stats available.

Show single player stats from the running season or even last season.

Evaluate a player based on his stats or compare opposing players.

Finally, we also have OVERLAYS for your starting TEAM ROSTER.

Show player stats and also show your starting lineup for offense, defense etc.


Manage your team rosters for the season and for every game


Manage your Team and have sinlge player stats for all your players throughout the whole season.

You setup your team for the season and adjust the roster for every game.

Setup the roster for your opponents and use EXCEL import.

Combining your roster with player pictures gives you the whole power of stats and overlays.


Manage your games and run multiple games in parallel


You can setup and manage all your GAMES.

Setup all your games for the whole season and have the stats available at any time.

You can run multiple games in parallel.

Setting up games is easy, use the teams and simply import the roster.


Export data to tools like HUDL and DAK STATS


Heavily reduce your efforts.

You save the game action ONLY ONCE.

The data and the stats are then available at any time, for your LIVE production or for further analysis.

NEVER AGAIN you need to input the same data into different tools.

Export to Excel. Combine the data with your game VIDEOS and export to HUDL.

Export the play by play data to DAK STATS and send the required data to the LEAGUE.


Multiple additional features included


Several additional features are available within STATS N SCORE.

MULTI USER capability: Manage user rights for different functions.

MULTI USER INTERFACE: Multiple users running the play by play interface at the same time.
Input offense data, defense data and even formations and plays by different users in parallel.

LIVE STATS OVERVIEW: Interface for team and single player data, easy analysis during the game.
Use the stats for professional game commentary.

BUILT-IN STATS Analyser: Interactive Web-Interface for easy stats comparison and analysis.


Setup an entire season


Become the league manager and setup an entire season.

You create all games for all teams within an easy interface.

Import the whole schedule as Excel to setup games.

No manual game setup for the single team, everything is managed by the league manager


Overview over the whole schedule


Easy overview over the entire season.

Filter for all games and seasons.

See all teams and games with scores.


Have all stats, tickers and scores in one interface


All the stats available in one interface.

Dynamic filtering for all teams and players.

Compare teams stats or player stats.

Single team or player stats available.

Dynamic filtering through all games and seasons.

Check and export alls stats, immidiately after the game or later.

Single game stats available.

Use the Box Score for single game stats.

All the standard game stats available.

Liveticker available for every game.

Use the scoreboard as an IFRAME wherever you want.

Use the gameday overview to follow all games with live scoreboards.